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    AS7-4260's module patch

    MJ Kim Newbie



      The issue AS-4260 is resolved at EAP 7.1.3 and 7.2.0 Alpha.

      Can I patch affected modules to my environment ahead of the formal 7.2.0 Alpha release?


      I know this is not safe approach, but I have to solve the session replication bug, ASAP.

      So I am trying every efforts.


      Is there a link to nightly build? And someone can tell me AS-4260 is solved at which jars?

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          Nicklas Karlsson Master

          The pull request is




          and it appears merged so it should be in the nightly builds at




          One file appears changed (web/src/main/java/org/jboss/as/web/session/ClusteredSession.java) - it's probably in jboss-as-web-7.2.0.Alpha1-SNAPSHOT.jar in the jboss.as.web module

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            MJ Kim Newbie

            Nicklas, thank you for your kind reply.



            Because the other changes maybe merged into jboss-as-web.jar, I wonder that the side effect can be occured in the future.

            Someone can tell me more safe patch?

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              Nicklas Karlsson Master

              Well I didn't write the fix so I can't comment on side-effects but looking at the code the changes appear to be pretty limited. You might want to try if you can get away by just switching out the patched, compiled class

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                Tomaz Cerar Master

                If you are going to be changing modules, then make sure you do that with the version you have compiled from 7.1 branch (aka 7.1.3-snapshot atm)


                web subsystem in master (7.2.0.Alpha1-Snapshot) has lots of changes that also have dependancies in other modules.



                best approach i could recommend you is to build 7.1 branch and use that version of app server, it is closest to 7.1.1.Final with lots of bugs fixed.





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                  MJ Kim Newbie

                  Thank you, Nicklas, Tomaz.


                  I nearly resolved the bug.

                  I just copied the relervant *.class files from 7.1.x branch on github, and repack the jboss-as-web-7.1.1.jar.


                  Before this module patch, I know the bug reproducing scenario.

                  And the bug is not reproducing with it.


                  By the way, with the heavy WAS restarts(=Very frequent rejoining), it appeared that this bug arise again.

                  I know these restarts should not be allowed.


                  I think it still has a problem, when the JBoss does a  Infinispan cache rebalancing and accepting the HTTP requests which acquire the HTTP Session access simultaneously..

                  (When both Session access and Cache rebalancing is occured at the same time)


                  Maybe the issue AS-4260 must be reopened, and it is essential to do more heavy tests.

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                    Tomaz Cerar Master



                    if this is still the case, than please compile jboss from 7.1 branch(do mvn clean install -DskipTests on oracle jdk6) and use that one, as there ware many fixes in area of clustering post 7.1.1 up to 7.1.3(atm)

                    if you still can reproduce the issue on 7.1 branch please reopen https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AS7-4260 and write the steps how to reproduce.

                    this will help us identify and fix the issue.



                    tnx in advance,


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                      MJ Kim Newbie



                      After the whole jboss-as-web-7.1.3-SNAPHOT.jar is imported to my running environment, there were too many submodule dependency problems.

                      And my standalone.xml file is not suitable in the branch build JBoss AS binary (JBOSS_HOME) with some grammar error.


                      So I need the time for a few migration tasks.

                      And now, it is not clear to reproduce the bug, with patched jboss-as-web-7.1.1.jar.


                      A few days later, after my experiments, I'll notice this situation at issue tracker.


                      Thanks a a lot for your advice.

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                        Tomaz Cerar Master



                        you have missunderstood me abit , i recommend you to use whole server of version 7.1.3-SNAPSHOT not just jboss-web-as...

                        there ware many bugfixes in clustering area in other modules.