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    What else then rules can Guvnor store ?

    nicolas duminil Master



      I used to think at Guvnor as being an enterprise repository able to store various artifacts like XSDs, WSDLs, etc. that need to be shared enterprise-wide. But when I needed to use it for these purposes and looked to the documentation, I discovered that, apparently, it only stores rules. So, I have the following two questions:


      1. Is that true that Guvnor stores only rules ?

      2. If it is not, does it store general artifacts like XSDs and WSDLs and, if yes, how as I didn't seem to find in the documentation anything related to that ?


      Many thanks in advance,



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          nicolas duminil Master

          Any body could help with that please ?

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            Kurt Stam Master

            Hi Nicolas,


            1. Yes Guvnor can store more then rules

            2. This article may help you out:



            In the meantime we have been developing a SOA-Repository as well using the emerging S-RAMP API, as part of the Overlord project. In the next few weeks the S-RAMP project will be putting out it's first alpha. Overlord addresses formal Governance features.



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              nicolas duminil Master

              Hi Kurt,


              Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post. I have seen, of course, this article as I googled before posting. Unfortunatelly this article doesn't help at all because it is saying:


              "2. Add XSDs, Sample Messages and other non service specific artifacts to Global Area. Global Area contains assets that potentially can be shared among different services. Global Area encourages ppl to write reusable artifacts across services."


              Yes, but how ? I'm questioning myself concerning the motivation of someone to write an article saying "Add ..." without explaining how to do it. When you want to add an asset to Guvnor you don't have anything shown in the article like New XML Schema, New WSDL, New JBOss ESB, New JMS destinations, etc. No, all you have is  . The article also says:


              "Note, Guvnor has a plugin framework that allows you to plug custom artifact editors into Guvnor. In this example, Sample Message, XSD, WSDL, JBOSS ESB configuration file are associated with XML asset editor. Java file, Scenario Diagrams, Choreography Model (cdm file) are associated with binary file upload/download editor. BPEL process defintion is associated with BPEL editor. "


              While writing an article, it would have been the good occasion to explain how the mentioned framework works and how one is supposed to configure it such that to add plugins for XSD, WSDLs, etc. But no, it only says that one can without bothering demonstrating how. Hence my question.


              So if you know the answer then please help.


              I'm also very impressed about the good news of an SOA Repository but, honestly, I would prefer an existent solution to a future not yet existing one.


              Kind regards,


              Nicolas DUMINIL

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                nicolas duminil Master

                Yeah, and I have forgotten, the mentioned article also says:


                "2. Add various type of SOA service artifacts (Sample Messages, XSDs, WSDLs, JBOSS ESB configuration, BPEL, Java file, Scenario Diagrams, Choreography Model, Smooks Transformation etc )  into Guvnor. What artifact types are supported is 100% configurable. You tell Guvnor configuration file what artifact types you want to support, what icon and what title you want display for this artifact type, what asset editor you want to associated with this artifact type."


                How interesting ! Exactly what I was looking for. What a shame that the "author" didn't think to explain how to tell to Guvnor all of that ! Unless it's a secret.

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                  Kurt Stam Master

                  I think Jervis kept it rather short because this writeup for guvnor 5.1 goes into a lot of detail: https://community.jboss.org/thread/149327, with

                  https://community.jboss.org/servlet/JiveServlet/download/534072-11367/SOA%20Workshop%20Lab%20Instructions.pdf is particular.


                  I hope this helps you.