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    Classloading configuration on JBOSS  5.1

    Anders H Newbie

      In order to solve a problem we are currently experiencing with deployment of a Grails application to our JBOSS 5.1 production environment I have been searching for good documentation on classloading configuration. The problem experienced is that our app is refusing to deploy on Jboss after an upgrade to Grails 2.x. More details can be found here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12027088/grails-2-app-wont-deploy-on-jboss-beancreationexception.


      We have come to the conclusion that the reason for our app not deploying is that the app's build-in version of hibernate is different from the jars supplied in JBOSS_HOME/common/lib/.

      Over the last week we have therefore been testing about a 100 different  configuration setups using various combinations of jboss-web.xml,jboss-classloading.xml and jboss-classloading-domain,xml in order to obtain a working classloading configuration. Unfortunately, without any success so far.


      As I am slowly getting into despair over this issue and the lack of documentation/examples I am now seeking help in this forum.  Basically, what I am looking for is a basic classloading configuration using any combination of the above xml files that will allow me to take control of what hibernate (and possible other jars) are being loaded by AS and my app during deployment. More specifically I would like to configure the system so that the problamtic hibernate jars are being loaded from the app lib and not in the version sitting in the comon/lib directory.


      It ought to be a pretty typical use case so I was thinking that someone out there probably have done a setup with a working configuration for this purpose that could work for me as well?


      Thanks in advance,