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    web services issues

    Peter Johnson Master

      I have been playing around with web services on CR1 and noticed a few issues (my apologies if these are already known issues or were mentioned earlier):

      1) The wsrunclient script includes the non-existent client/jbossws-client.jar file in the classpath. I can only assume that this file includes (via one mechanism or anoher) several of the other jar files found in client because I had to add 16 of the client jar files to the classpath to get the client to run.

      2) When JBossAS is started, if the web service archive (whether JAR or WAR) is already in the deploy directory, get an NPE. Deploying the archive after the app server has started works fine.

      3) According to the conclusions of the comments for JBWS-1439, there would be no modifications necessary to the JBossAS installation to run with JDK 6. Yet the indicated JAR files do not appear in the lib/endorsed directory, and thus using JDK 6 does not work until the files are manually copied.

      By the way, I am placing these issues here rather than in the web services forum because I believe these are packaging issues with JBossAS.