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    RichFaces 4.x ExtendedDataTable: "Group by this column"?

    Andy Pickler Newbie

      Our company has an existing Seam 2/JSF 1.2/RichFaces 3.3 application running in JBoss 5.1.  One of the heavily-used components by our user base is the ExtendedDataTable.  They commonly use the user-selectable "Group by this column" menu on any of the columns in the table.


      We are about to write a new Java EE 6 app using JSF 2/RichFaces 4.x (latest) on JBoss 7.1.  I have been looking at the RichFaces 4.x documentation and showcase, and it would appear that this functionality is no longer available.  Am I correct in my assessment, am I incorrect, or does this just need to be implemented in a different way by the development team?