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      Policy alternative selector

      The Apache CXF policy engine supports different strategies to deal with policy alternatives. JBossWS-CXF integration currently defaults to the MaximalAlternativeSelector, but still allows for setting different selector implementation using the cxf.policy.alternativeSelector property in jboss-webservices.xml.



      How? Googling for "cxf.policy.alternativeSelector" reveals a single link to the article above. Seems noone in the world has ever talked about this on the internet.


      Looking at random jboss-webservices.xml files doesn't give me any hints as to how I would specificy this property.

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          Never mind...



          Didn't work, but someone commented that itsn't not supported until 7.2.0. So I'm bound to a nightly build now... hope it's really "stable".


          Quick observation though. jbossws-cxf-server-4.1.0.Beta1.jar in org/jboss/wsf/stack/cxf/configuration/BusHolder.java (i'm looking at the code after decompiling mind you), I'm seeing this method:


              private static AlternativeSelector getAlternativeSelector(Map props)


                  AlternativeSelector selector = new MaximalAlternativeSelector();

                  if(props != null && !props.isEmpty())


                      String className = (String)props.get("cxf.policy.alternativeSelector");

                      if(className != null)



                              Class clazz = Class.forName(className);

                              selector = (AlternativeSelector)clazz.newInstance();


                          catch(Exception e) { }


                  return selector;



          I tried to add this to jboss-webserver.xml:






          with the intent to make purposely cause an exception, so that I have some feedback that tells me that indeed this property is the right one and is doing something.

          After if doing nothing, I looking at the source, and saw how it absorbed the exception into nothingness. Someone should fix that.