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    freemarker.core.InvalidReferenceException: Expression ... is undefined

    Christian Witschel Newbie

      Dear All,


      I have come far with my process but something is still missing.

      My process is about getting a request approval. At start you have to tell what is needed, who you are and who needs to approve from business, budget and technical side.

      I created it solely in guvnor designer and also let guvnor generate the taskforms.


      The deal is, that at process start you give the values for businessResponsible, budgetResponsible and technicalResponsible. These are process variables. The correspondinge 3 user tasks have set as actorId #{businessResponsible} , etc...

      This works fine. If I start a process instance in jbpm-console and enter krisv as businessResponsible then i can see the task in krisv personal task view.


      When I however then want to perform the task, i get the error


      freemarker.core.InvalidReferenceException: Expression businessResponsible is undefined on line 235, column 91 in businessApproval.





      In the Taskform template there is on  that line:


              <div class="div_checkbox">




      I have seen people shacking along with a content map and a on entry script, will i need to do something like this as well?

      I process variables are automatically replaced, just like with actorId being #{businessResponsible}.


      Can you point me to what I need to do so the Form for this task is being displayed and the task can be performed?

      I attached the bpmn2, exception, and relevant forms.



      Christian Witschel