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    Forge console hangs

    Erkin Eskier Newbie

      Forge console hangs in Eclipse after displaying banner, no prompt. embedded or external installations acts same. But I can run Forge on command line just fine.


      Eclipse version is Indigo.

      jstack output attached if needed.



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          George Gastaldi Master

          Hi Erkin,


          Can you describe more details ? Like JDK version you are using, OS, etc ?

          Also can you give it a try by removing your ".forge" directory in your user dir ?


          Best Regards,


          George Gastaldi

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            Erkin Eskier Newbie

            Thanks for your quick reply George,


            Win XP

            JDK version 1.7.0_03

            Eclipse Indigo


            And removing ".forge" directory did not work.


            Forge dist 1.0.5.Final, dist 1.0.6.Final and Forge 1.0.7-SNAPSHOT (clean build) doesn't work too.

            Removed and reinstalled Forge plugin, no success. Looks like this is an Eclipse problem not Forge.

            I'm hearing strange voices in my head saying, "reinstall Eclipse"  God...

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              Koen Aers Master

              Hi Erkin,


              I assume you installed JBoss Tools in your Eclipse Indigo? Can you also specify the version of JBoss Tools you are using?




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                Erkin Eskier Newbie

                Yes, JBoss Tools 3.3.x (whatever comes w/ eclipse indigo)  is installed in IDE. Installation details shows Forge Tools, Seam Tools and Seam 3 Tools also installed.

                Got a jvm heap error from Forge (command line) once but when I add the jvm params to env vars, FORGE_OPTS=.-Xms256M -Xmx512M, error is gone.

                That heap allocation error was odd too, my rig is 4GB Anyways, as I mentioned, Forge works fine outside the IDE.

                But in Eclipse, even if I use Forge as external runtime (not embedded) it still hangs.

                Not a big deal, I can work at cmdline but I hate when things refuses to run, act different. Well, this is Java, sometimes you need to let it go, it will run eventually 

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                  Erkin Eskier Newbie

                  Well, its working fine now. What did I do ? Well, nothing ! It just started to work . But that time forge was active at the command prompt in project directory.

                  I thougth that was the reason it worked, so I restarted the PC and run Eclipse->Forge console to see what happens. Forge activated successfully. A mystery !


                  Hope it continues to work

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                    Lincoln Baxter III Master

                    Is it possible that you were starting forge in a directory where you had a big project or lots of projects? This could potentially be a reason for *extremely* slow startup time. Once Forge processed all the files, it sometimes loads faster in subsequent boots.


                    Does the slowness occur when you run Forge from the command line?

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                      Erkin Eskier Newbie

                      There is only one project in that directory, little one just for tests. Forge opens in 4-5 seconds at command prompt.

                      I dont think that the "slow" startup was the issue. I left it open in Ecilpse for hours, there was still just banner, no prompt.


                      I checked the jstack output (was posted here also), since I'm not a guru I cant tell what those "locked" references and "WAITING" states.

                      Maybe they mean something to jstack professional

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                        Lincoln Baxter III Master

                        Strange. Well, I'm glad it's working! We are working on Forge 2.0, which will hopefully have a much more modular and fast startup. So if something goes wrong, you will see what happened, not just ... nothing.


                        Keep an eye on it and let us know if you have more problems!


                        Also, thanks for posting the jstack.