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    when updating the cureent object,the previously selected object is going to be updated in jboss seam

    vin Rocks Newbie

      I am using jboss seam, In my code i am using @StateFul session,Session scope and extended persistence context. when i am going to update the current object using entity-manager.merge(obj) and entity-manager.flush() ,the current is updated successfully. my problem is when i select one object(ex obj1) for update and give some fields to that object ,the provided data is failed based on my logical conditions ,so its not updated ..and i omit that object and select and another object(ex obj2) and provide some correct information to that object(obj2),when i am going to update that current object (obj2) the previously selected objects(like obj1) which is not updated,all those objects is updated with current object(obj2)......... plz slove my problem,



      public class CustomerAction implements
      CustomerInterface {

      @PersistenceContext(type = PersistenceContextType.EXTENDED)
      private EntityManager  entityManager;
      private String name;
      Customer selectobj;---->entity
      public void objectSelected() {
      ((org.hibernate.Session) entityManager.getDelegate())
      = (Customer) entityManager.createQuery(
      "from Customer where custName=:id").setParameter("id",name)
      public void update() {
      if (selectobj.age<18) {
      .addToControl("messages", Severity.ERROR,
      "Age should be greather than 18");


      public void destroy() {