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    Client UserTransaction and CMP

    Emmanuel Valentin Newbie

      We are using Jboss 2.4.4 under NT + Jdk 1.3.1. + Oracle 8.1.7

      Our problem is that changes in our CMPs are not commited in the database. We use a Client user transaction.

      We found out after some investigation in the jboss code, that it seems that when a CMP is modified inside a client user transaction, the JAWSPersistenceManager is using one db connection for the synchronisation and the Transaction Manager (TxCapsule) is using another connection for the commit. So the update command is never committed!

      If we remove the client transaction and let jboss initiate the transaction, everything works fine.

      Is it a known bug/issue of the 2.4.4 ?

      By the way, how connection distribution is controlled when, during a unique client transaction, BMP and CMP are accessed? Does the BMP gets the same connection than the CMP from the connection pool?