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    How to detect startup state of Jboss 7(.1.1)

    Markus Lutum Novice



      We have migrated our app to Jboss7.1.1 now.

      Its a single ear file which is deployed in the standalone environment.


      Because of some historical old stuff we need to know when the ear is completely deployed.

      Then we have to trigger some initialization internally to really start some old non ejb3 services.


      I tried to use serverState attribute at jboss.as:management-root=server or

      checking state of my ear at "jboss.msc:type=container,name=jboss-as"

      But the states are UP or RUNNING also before I see the line:

      [org.jboss.as] (MSC service thread 1-31) JBAS015874: JBoss AS 7.1.1.Final "Brontes" started in .....


      So can someone tell we how to detect when my application is deployed?




      Marus Lutum