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    Distributed counters in Infinispan


      I am looking for best way to implement distributed counters. I need 3 functions:

      • add to counter value (must be as fast as possible - async)
      • query counter value (value obtained may be about 1s old)
      • delete counter


      Is there some support for such functionality? I would like to avoid scheme LOCK - increment - RELEASE to get good scalability.

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          Hi Radim,


          I've implemented something similar in my application.  It's actually pretty easy and very performant if you use the distributed executor framework.  Here are some rough guidelines:


          • You assuredly will either need a lock/increment/release pattern to get counter values.  However, if you execute a task on the data owner, you're acquiring local locks.
          • You will need to look at the cache configuration options for eager locks.
          • You may want to consider allocating "chunks" of possible counter values for your clients to use locally.  This will reduce contention on the cache, while guaranteeing uniqueness. 
          • (Don't forget about overflow conditions)