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    [Best practices] Number of the database required

    wqe wqe Newbie

      I have read the the forum that it is suggested to  separate the  Human Tasks Tables  and the JBPM5 tables in different databases. Together with the documentation section 8.3 , it said :


      Storing history information in the runtime database can result in the database
      rapidly increasing in size,  not to mention the fact that monitoring and analysis 
      queries might influence the performance of your runtime engine. This is why 
      process execution history information and runtime state should be stored separately.


      So , I want to ask inbest practice , we should   use 3 databases for the JBPM5 project ???


      • A database  for storing runtime data which has the following tables only  : eventtypes , processinstanceinfo , sessioninfo , workiteminfo
      • A database for storing history information  (BAM purpose) which has the following tables only : nodeinstancelog, processinstancelog , processinstancelog
      • A database for the human task
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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          The answer is: it depends on your needs.

          You can start usign a single database, and then split (move the tables) to different databases if it's needed. As you mention you "can" use 3 different databases, but it's not required if your administration costs are higher than the benefit. You should analyze with your DBAs and with your users the amout of usage and data that will be generated by your process execution to make a decision like that..