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    JDBC connections not released when using EJB 2.x entity beans

    Viggo Navarsete Expert

      I know, after reading info about JBoss 7 that the support for EJB 2.x is very very limited..BUT, I have a customer migrating from Weblogic to JBoss 7, and they have many EJB 2.x entity beans. They have been able to deploy everything (to JBoss 7.1.2.Final), but they have a problem that they run out of JDBC connections! It seems that the EJB 2.x subsystem (cmp?) doesn't release the JDBC conections. Does anyone have a clue what could cause it?


      What could I look into in order to figure out why JDBC connections aren't released? Does the "EJB 2.x" subsystem in AS7 have some logging that could be turned on?


      Are there any configuration that I could tweak perhaps?


      I'm btw running JBoss 7.1.2.Final (built from source)