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    About login and instantiation

    Giuliano Aparecido Newbie



      I am new in JBoss Seam and Web Services.
      I need to implement a web service to log in our system which was implemented using JBoss Seam.
      Our client has a main cloud system and wants to log our system through its system. The web service will handle this.


      I have seen that our system uses jBPM to describe the flow, so the first page is login.xhtml and the next home.xhtml.


      My questions: Is possible to implement a web service which handles this issue without changing the jBPM file? Because this implementation will be just for one client.
                          I am really new in seam. Please, also I want to know about instantiation...when the application is instantiate by the seam? Is it when we type the address in the address bar? I am asking because I need to implement a method to create the instance (from the client interface I have to implement).


      I tried to find the answers but I didn't find. The tutorials I found doesn't answered the questions for me.