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    Problem in action handler

    mkrao Newbie

      Hello all,

      i am using jBPM3.2.2 for my project work and it is core of my project. I am using EJB 3.0 as the business layer framework and  JPA as the persistence provider. To achieve the transaction isolation, i have disabled the

      jBPM transaction management. so inside jbpm.cfg.xml i have made "isTranasactionenabled" to false for each context so that if some exception happens in my business layer and issued a rollback then everything should be rolled back, but exactly the problem is happening here only whenever an exception happens from jBPM side it is going to exception handler which i configured in processdefinition and if exception happens inside this exception hanlder again then it is ending up in inconsistent state. i.e. business layer work is rolling back and jbpm work is commiting and i have no idea how this is happening????


      question 2:

      if exception happens in assignment handler of jbpm then from catch block i am throwing that exception to process definition excpetion handler class explicitly, but when exception happens in action handler, it is automatically going to exception handler which i configured in process definition. why is it behaving differently in these two different cases???