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    Sandbox components to include in RF 4.3.0.M2

    Brian Leathem Master

      We are looking to include some of the Sandbox components developed by Bernard Labno in RichFaces 4.3.0.M2.  This was discussed at a recent community meeting, and Bernard summarized the components as follows:


      1. Mature components (tested for a long time):
        • accesskeyhelper
        • focus
        • imageSelectTool
        • schedule
        • watermark
      2. Good Candidates (not so heavily used):
        • carousel
        • dashboard
        • lightbox
        • syntaxhighlighter
        • radio
      3. Lightly used components (in comparison to the others):
        • colorpicker
        • rating
        • visualsearch


      In this thread, we will review these components, with a particular focus on those in section (1) above.  Feel free to add your own comments on these components, and which ones you feel should be included in 4.3.0.M2.