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    How can we chain task execution and execute nested Task or Task tree using Infinispan MapReduceTask

    Krishna Shekhram Newbie


        I am new to the community and just started learning Infinispan, so please bare with my simple questions.


      I am evaluating Infinispan for distributed datagrid and compute grid platform.  I have a problem, where I break the problem into multiple steps, then I want to execute each steps in parallel. Each Individual steps then can further break into set of sub steps and can be executed in parralel.


      Invidual steps in the chain can be dependent on other steps or can be executed independently. If a calculation step is dependent on other steps then That step should waith for other steps to complete before its execution or if it started its execution, then it should hold its execution and later resume when all dependent steps are completed.


      So basicaly I am looking for ways to

      1. Chain the task execution

      2. Create Tree of task execution (spwan a new Task from existing Task, if possible even recursively)


      Can we do this in Infinispan 5.1 latest release or is this kind of feature planned in future releases?


      Thanks in advanvce.