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    Paging problems

    qtm Newbie



      I can't get paging to work under Jboss 7.1.2.

      My configuration looks like:


      <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:messaging:1.2">









                      <paging-directory path="shared_hq/paging"/>

                      <bindings-directory path="shared_hq/bindings"/>

                      <journal-directory path="shared_hq/journal"/>

                      <large-messages-directory path="shared_hq/large-messages"/>





                          <!--default for catch all-->

                          <address-setting match="#">













      I sent 500k messages to a jms-queue, but when I browse it I can see all messages and the documentation says I should see only the current page. The paging folder is not even created. Also, if I  start JBoss with minimum memory I'm getting an out of memory exception which tells me the paging configuration is not active. What I am doing wrong?



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          qtm Newbie

          to answer my own question -   <max-size-bytes>1048576000</max-size-bytes> is the problem. It's the memory hornetq occupies before entering paging mode. since I set it to something huge, it never exhaust it and it never enters paging mode.