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    min-large-message-size ignored when using STOMP protocol

    blacar Newbie



      Ive realized a strange behavior trying to send "big" messages to HornetQ server using STOMP protocol.


      The questin is that i am receiving an "Can't write records bigger than the bufferSize(501760) on the journal" error even when a large message should be streamed to large message location without pass by journal buffer.


      When using JMS message it behaves correctly ... new large message files appear an there is no problem; but using STOMP i get this.


      Another test i made is to send a "large" message (by default is considered large when > 100Kb ... is not?) but below 490KB (501760) so the expected result is to safely stored in large message directory ... but is not ... it is being stored in regular journaling space.


      My conclussion is that, when using STOMP, HornetQ is ignoring the message size by any unknown (at least by me) reason ... so it tries always to use journaling persistence.


      Does anyone has any clue than can help to clarify this behavior?