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    How to have multiple authentication mechanism in the same application ?

    Régis Ramillien Newbie

      Hello all,


      We have an application with multiple authentication mechanisms needed. Our users can connect either by login/password or either by hardware tokens.

      I use picketLink as SP.


      I thinked about it, but I have absolutely no idea on how to share this 2 mechanisms in the same WAR.


      To summarize the behavior,

      - The web.xml uses <security-constraint> to allow access or not to restricted page (no way to choose the authentication method here)

      - The jboss-web.xml allow only one <security-domain>... no way.

      - The login-config.xml from jboss AS 5.1 allow multiple <login-module> in the application policy. But I cannot tell it to use this or another IDP depending on a parameter...

      - picketLink uses a <ServiceURL> in its xml configuration file. Perhaps there is a way to dynamically change this url ? But how can I tell it to use a specific url if user goes to "login.jsp" and use another if user goes to "token.jsp" ?


      Please, help me !


      Is creating 2 WARs in the EAR my only hope ? But then, must I create a third project to contain the common resources (JSP, CSS, etc) ?


      Best regards,