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    How to interact between 2 seam application?

    Sathishkumar P Newbie

      I have created 2 seam application (APP A and  APP B). Both on seam 2.2.2 and EJB 3.0. I am deploying the application in jboss eap 4.3. appserver. Now i have a 2 scnarios which i have to implement.


      1) I should use the Stateless EJB's in APP A from APP B - Like If i have LookupManager (Stateless bean) in APP A, how should i call this in APP B using seam (if not work around). This is based on the situation that both the ear of the application APP A and APP B are deployed in same server instance.


      2) Same situation as abouve but the APP A is deployed in one server instance and APP B on separate server instance.


      What should we do to acheive this. I want to reuse all th ejb wriiten in APP A in APP B just by calling it. Please help me in this. Although i have worked in Seam applicaitons but i have no idea of how to do it.


      Please also explaint he performance hit if ther is any.


      Please also suggest me the best approach to acheive this.