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    Where to put the Drl Rules in the JBPM Process?




      I am using JBPM 5.3 and I finished designing the process and the business rules and put them in Guvnor.

      1- I want to ask how can I link the Process/Task with the business rules written in drools expert? In eclipse, in the gateway properties under constraints there is (Type: "rule" or "Code). How can I put the rule here.

      2- Another location is guvnor, if I click on the sequence flow (Next to gateway), in the properities there's condition where I can select "Drools" or "Java". If I select "Drools" what should be the condition expression??

      3- Is there another place to put the Jboss rules?


      Is it possible to build an application with JBPM and Drools rules without writing any java code in eclipse (using Designer-Guvnor-FormBuilder-Expert-JBPMConsole)?


      Thanks in advance,