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    fich:fileUpload - intermittent issues on slow connections

    John Ericksen Newbie

      The team I work on has built an application that has been experiencing issues when uploading files to our website.  Unfortunately we have not been able to reproduce the problems reliably or isolate what is causing the problem, we merely hear from our customer that they cannot upload to the website because it "locked up" or "crashed".  We believe this means that when our users upload files to our website it stops responding to them.  We use a fair amount of ajax (a4j:support) on the site, and in the file upload component we use ajax to update to our file listing, which presumably is not being updated.  From our perspective on the server we receive all the file data and no exceptions or validation errors have occurred.


      Note that our customer typically uses cellular cards to access our website and upload data.


      Here is a typical use of the rich:fileUpload component:


                  <rich:fileUpload fileUploadListener="#{inputFileController.handleFileUpload}" immediateUpload="true"

                                   autoclear="true" maxFilesQuantity="20" allowFlash="false" styleClass="upload"


                      <a4j:support eventsQueue="iterState" event="onuploadcomplete" reRender="uploadList"/>



      The application is built with Rich Faces 3.3.3 / JSF1.2 / Seam / etc running on Glassfish.


      Has anyone else seen reliability problems when uploading files through the rich:fileUpload component?  Is there a more reliable way to use the component?


      Any help would be appreciated and I would be more than happy to answer any questions.  Thanks.