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    Help!jboss2.4.4 problems

    ywhking Newbie

      Please help me.
      I encounter a strange problem which I can't solve by myself and expect for your help.
      I found that when I got data from database(mySQL) through EJB, the Jboss server(jboss2.4.4) automately converted the encoding(iso-8859-1) of the data in the database(mySQL) to local encoding(gb2312 on my machine),but the data the EJB kept in the instances pool is still iso-8859-1.
      So how can I get rid of the encoding automately coverting function of jboss,or how can I flush the instances pool.
      Any advice will be appriciated!
      thanks in advance!

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          ywhking Newbie

          I have known why the problem occured,but I still can't resolve it.
          It's the JDBC driver(mm.mysql-2.0.4-bin.jar) which caused this problem. Because I have tried to get the data from the database(mySQL) by JDBC,it automatically changed the database data encoding(iso-8859-1) to local encoding(gb2312).So,I can say it's the mySQL JDBC driver cause the problem but JBOSS.The only problem of jboss is that it get current data from instance pool but the database.
          Now ,if I forbit the JDBC driver from converting the database encoding(iso-8859-1) to local encoding(gb2312) then I can deal with the problem.But what should I do?Could you please tell me?