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    Seam 2.2:  session seems created before login, how to avoid it?

    Irwin Chan Newbie



            We use Seam2.2 to build a web projct, it works fine, but there seems a problem: if I open the login.xhtml and leave it for a while, then when I input the login info  and it reutrns session times out message.  In the framework, session is usually created after successful login action,  this small problem in seam may result in a very big one:   the system will be crash when many stranger open the login.xhtml without login in, in this scence,  “Maximum number of threads (××) created for connector” info appears, other users can't login the system now, in my opinion, it is  really a  potential security issue, anyone knows how to solve it, please give me a hint, thank you very much!

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          Martin Kouba Master

          Hello Irwin,


          Actually this is a limitation of JSF and Seam - both are stateful frameworks and must store its state somewhere (JSF views, Seam session and conversation scoped components). For JSF see for example this answer on stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/a/5475564.


          You could try:

          1) Switch to JSF client state saving and use some request scoped component instead of org.jboss.seam.security.Identity (it's session scoped). Although I'm not sure this will work and would not recommend this, especially the client state saving.

          2) Some workaround - e.g. use plain HTML and custom servlet for login page. However in this case you will have to bridge your Seam components somehow. Note that if you use ContextualHttpServletRequest or ContextFilter Seam will force creation of the session anyway. So I would recommend using Lifecycle#beginCall() and Lifecycle#endCall() using temporary Seam contexts...


          Also consider some session timeout tweak: http://seamframework.org/Documentation/AutomaticallyExtendingSessionTimeoutForAuthenticatedUsers.


          BTW I don't think it's a security issue. Threads are allocated per request, not per session. So you get the above message only if your app cannot handle all incoming HTTP requests - solution, increase the number of threads in pool.



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            Irwin Chan Newbie



               Thank you very much for the helpful threads and suggestion, it help me to understand this issue better.


               I am not sure whether it is a security issue,  but one of my client complains that his competitor attacks his website which is based on seam, simulates a lot of users to access login page, because of the issue that  session is created before login action,  no matter how many threads in pool, the website is unavailable.