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    problem with entering new row and selection of  multiple rows  in the same extended data table

    Khurshed Salimov Newbie

      Right now I am faced with the following problem:


      I using extended data table for multiple row selection and I am at the same time need to add new row to the same table. If I use scroller then I can not continue selection in the next/ previous/or any other  page. Unfortunately with vertical slider of extendeddatatable  it is very inconvinient to add a new row.  So right now as a solution I am using datatable for entering new row and when i need to do mutiple selectin I use extendeddatatable with vertical slider. It will be very heavy to used two tables instead of one here.


      Does richfaces has a solution for this kind of problem? If not it would be great to incorporate this feature in future releases of richfaces? Actually keboard free feature of richfaces was a great feature.



      thanks and regards,