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    Leveraging jBPM




      We are working on a requirement where we need to leverage jBPM. I understand that jBPM 5.3 doesn't have BPEL and it supports only BPMN and Drools.

      Is there a way to plug in BPEL into jBPM?. Also, we plan to use concrete administration, monitoring and security features for the processes. Can anybody please me help me with this ?




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          jBPM can do much more than just orchestrating web services (what BPEL is designed for) so I would recommend reevaluate your requirements and try to look at jBPM as much more powerful tool. For pure BPEL support take a look at Riftsaw project.


          In general, administration, security and monitoring can be achieved with jBPM together with some additional tooling like application server.



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