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    Error while reading file-store after eviction while using infinispan-cdi

    ajcmartins Newbie

      Hi, i am having troubles while trying to run a small test using infinispan-cdi version 5.1.5.FINAL on JBoss AS 7.1.1. I did tried to run the quickstart and everything works ok.


      The error is:

      17:28:05,963 ERROR [org.infinispan.loaders.file.FileCacheStore] (http-- ISPN000062: Error while reading from file: D:\jboss\standalone\data\learning\learning-cache\1450574848: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.infinispan.cdi.interceptor.DefaultCacheKey from [Module "org.jboss.as.clustering.infinispan:main" from local module loader @43f46f3b (roots: D:\jboss\modules)]


      On the maven POM file i have















      on the jboss standalone-ha.xml i have:

              <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:infinispan:1.2" default-cache-container="learning">

                  <cache-container name="learning" default-cache="learning-cache">

                      <local-cache name="learning-cache" start="EAGER">

                          <eviction strategy="LRU" max-entries="2"/>






      To setup the cache on java i have:

      public class Config {

                     @Resource(lookup = "java:jboss/infinispan/container/learning")


                     EmbeddedCacheManager defaultCacheManager;



      The data being used is:

      public class User implements Serializable{


                private static final long serialVersionUID = -577278578670082130L;


                private long id;

                private String name = "abs";


        ...getters and setters...




      and i am using interceptors on the service, like:

      @CacheResult(cacheName = "learning-cache")

                public User findUser(String id) {


                               User user = new User();


                               return user;



      @CachePut(cacheName = "learning-cache")

                public void storeUser(String id, @CacheValue User user) {

                               Log("Stored:" + user.getName());




      I have to say that everything works great until i try to insert the 4rd element. That's when i get the error presented above.

      When i open the cache file with a text editor i can see the org.infinispan.cdi.interceptor.DefaultCacheKey reference..


      Any help or direction will be high apreciated.