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    columnClasses attribute for rich:dataTable

    Sergey Morenets Novice

      Hi, guys


      I would like to acquire assistance to help with the underlying attribute.


      According to the documentation columnClasses  "Assigns one or more space-separated CSS class names to the columns of the table.

      If the CSS class names are comma-separated, each class will be assigned to a particular column in the order they follow in the attribute."


      So what will happen if I have specify only one class name like columnClasses="panel-content" ?

      In RF 3.3.x the specified CSS class was assigned to all the columns in the dataTable. So this behavior seems very simple. However in RF 4.x

      this CSS class is assigned to the first column only. It doesn't make much sense as I have to duplicate CSS class for each column.

      Not very flexible as it is very easy to mistype if many columns are present.


      Please advise on the issue.