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    IPV6 support in JBoss 5.X

    cooldownthethroat Newbie

      It is a well known fact that JBoss 5.X does not support IPV6..


      However I am looking out for any way of enabling IPV6 in my JBoss 5.X.. This is a requirement and by hook or by crook, the server should support IPV6 along with IPV4.


      Can anyone please tell me how is it possible to support IPV6 in JBoss 5.X...My JBoss runs on Red hat linux OS and it supports IPV6..


      Any way of enaling IPV6 behind IPV4...

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          princy Newbie

          Am sure this issue would have been solved by now. Still putting forth the response for reference. I had a similar kind of requirement couple of months back for my application. I was using Jboss 5.0.1. This is how I achieved it:


          1> While starting jboss start in broadcast mode. For windows use the command:

          run.bat -b (IPv4)

          run.bat -b [fe80:6ce:fe80:a890::1] (IPv6) where fe80:6ce:fe80:a890::1 is the IPv6 IP address of the server.

          run.bat -b <hostname> (Ideal) broadcasting with hostname is the ideal approach to make your application IP protocol independent.


          2> If you are attempting to support dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6) start the jboss with the following command:



          run.bat -b [::] -Djgroups.bind_addr=[fe80::a17f:62fa:6503:4877%11] -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=false



          With dual stack support client on any network(IPv4 or IPv6) will be able to connect to the server. Ensure hostname is properly resolved through DNS. Access the application through hostname. For ex: http://<hostname>:8080/services


          Hope this helps.