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    events filtering for service management questions

    vincent Planat Newbie



      I'm defining a solution made of a 3rd party Sw communicating with a apache based apps we are developing.

      I would like to identify if RHQ can provide a flexible solution for managing logs generated by these 2 components.

      I've found how to configure the RHQ-Agent to capture syslog (generated by our 3rd party).

      Neverthless I'm blocked when I want to filter the events arriving into the resource event viewer (the rhq-agent in my case).

      I would like to filter Events using regular expression on the "Details Filter" text-field.

        Unfortunatly reg-ex does not seem to be understood by this field


      I've tried also to define multiple event-sources (RHQ-Agent connections setting) on the same syslog log file. In this config I can define a reg-ex but they all arrive in the same event viewer. As, in my cases, my different event sources are pointing to the same log-file (system) the "Source filter" text field cannot be used neither ....


      I need some help to understand which solution is usually offered by RHQ in such case