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    jboss 7 how to monitor topology changes

    sudhananthan B Newbie

      In jboss 5 inorder to monitor any topology members change, we used to write class extending org.jboss.ha.framework.server.util.TopologyMonitorService.


      jboss 5 topology monitor sample is given below:


      public class TopologyMonitoring extends TopologyMonitorService



           * This method will be notified by JBOSS Topology Service whenever there is

           * a change in the Current Cluster topology view

           * @param deadMembers deadMembers

           * @param newMembers newMembers

           * @param allMembers allMembers


          public void membershipChanged(final Vector deadMembers, final Vector newMembers, final Vector allMembers)


                    if (deadMembers != null && deadMembers.size() > 0)


                         // Do some operation when members dead.





      Please give me equivalent solution to do the same(cluster topology monitoring) in jboss 7.