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    Applications update in AS7

    Dmitri Zamysloff Newbie

      Hello All!

      we investigate different AS7 capabilities with target of switching from older AS version to version 7 as well with intention to migrate our applications to J2EE6.

      One of the questions we are right now dealing with is update of applications which runs in jboss. I would appreciate all information on how do you manage your rollout/update processes with jboss as7.


      Here are some of my questions:

      • How do I update OSGi bundles?
      • Is OSGi right instrument for my issue?
      • What are modules in AS7? OSGi bundles?
      • If my web application has dependency on module (per deployment structure descriptor), what happens when I update module (How shall I update modules?)? Will jboss redeploy my web application?


      Thank you very much in advance.