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    ModeShape 3 Beta 3 - no Graph API?

    forcam Newbie



      i just download the latest beta of ModeShape 3 und try to compile my project, but this result in errors.

      The compiler can't find the classes 'org.modeshape.graph.Graph' and 'org.modeshape.graph.property.Property'.


      I can't find the Graph class in den jar-Files. Why is the org.modeshape.graph package removed?




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          Horia Chiorean Master

          ModeShape 3 has been redesigned at an API level and no longer uses the Graph API.


          If you pull the master branch from https://github.com/ModeShape/modeshape you should be able to build without any problems, provided you use the JBoss maven repo (http://repository.jboss.org/nexus/)

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            forcam Newbie

            Thanks for the answer.


            Is there an replacement for org.modeshape.graph.Graph.importXmlFrom(InputStream stream) method?




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              Randall Hauch Master

              For the record, the 2.x graph API was not a public API, and it was used internally as a lower-level framework and representation of nodes and properties (without all the semantics defined by the JCR specification). It was complicated and limited ModeShape's scalability and performance. This is what ModeShape 3 was redesigned to no longer have this layer.


              Because it was an internal API, ModeShape 3 does not have a way to import such ModeShape 2.x XML representations. Feel free to look at the code in 2.x to see how you might provide that functionality on your own.


              We will be releasing ModeShape 2.8.3.Final this week (with 10 bug fixes). Shortly thereafter, we'll release ModeShape 2.8.4.Final that will be the last 2.x release, but which will have a new mechanism to backup all the content in a 2.8 repository into a set of files that can then be loaded into a new 3.0 repository.


              Best regards

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