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    PicketBoxXACML: getSupportedIds never called

    Johnny Hirschmayer Newbie

      Hi there,


      first and foremost, stumbled upon picket box xacml (using it primariliy for policy evaluation) and it seems to perfectly fit for my needs.


      However, there seems to be a slight problem with it:


      I'm using the JBOSSPDP. I configured and wrote a custom AttributeLocator, however it's overwritten getSupportedIds() method is never being called (as opposed to getSupportedDesignatorTypes, isDesignatorSupported etc. Those are being called properly).

      As I have planned to use different AttributeLocators, this imposes quite a problem.


      Am I missing out on something or is this really a glitch? If so, is there a workaround? I could call it manually in "findAttributes", which is not really what i want (would probably have a significant impact on policyevaluation, haven't looked at it further though).


      Thanks in advance!