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    JBoss 7 domain deployment

    Mark Airey Newbie

      Hi Everyone,


      I've been using JBoss 5 for a while and am currently migrating a couple wab apps to JBoss 7.  I have a question about deployment I haven't found an answer to yet. 


      So to deploy via command line I can do this the first time I deploy: jboss-cli.sh -c command="deploy /path/to/myapp.war –server-groups=my-group"


      But subsequent deployments give an error that this app is already deployed, so to get a new version of the war deployed I use this command: jboss-cli.sh -c command="deploy -f /path/to/myapp.war"


      This deploys the new version fine to my server.  But, what is we have a domain setup where there is a server-group/server setup for various developers.  Say developer1-group and developer2-group, where each group has one server.  If developer 1 deploys myapp.war to their group, and developer2 does the same, how does the force option know which group to deploy to?  Or does it deploy to ALL groups that have a myapp.war deployed?  If so, is there a better command to use to accomplish what I've described? 


      Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.