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    Troubles with URL JNDI resources

    Mylos Kathos Master


      I have a web application which is running fine on JBoss 4.2.2 and uses in web.xml a resource-ref to refer to an URL resource:



              <description>Backup directory</description>







      Unfortunately when deploying the application on JBoss AS 7.1.1 (after all the other needed fixes) I wasn't unable to deploy the resource-ref. This is the error I get:


      JBAS014774: Service status report

      JBAS014775:    New missing/unsatisfied dependencies:

            service jboss.naming.context.java.jboss.resources.url."com.telco.backupdir" (missing) dependents: [service jboss.naming.context.java.module.ArcEar.Webapp.env.url."com.telco.backupdir"]


      09:24:58,574 ERROR [org.jboss.as.server.deployment.scanner] (DeploymentScanner-threads - 2) {"JBAS014653: Composite operation failed and was rolled back. Steps that failed:" => {"Operation step-2" => {"JBAS014771: Services with missing/unavailable dependencies" => ["jboss.naming.context.java.module.ArcEar.Webapp.env.url.\"com.telco.backupdir\"jboss.naming.context.java.jboss.resources.url.\"



      It seems there are some issues with JBoss AS 7 naming subsystem and URLs: as a matter of fact, if I try to store in the standalone.xml file a naming entry of type="java.net.URL" the application server raises an exception that just primitive types are accepted.

      Is it a bug or there's a workaround for it ?

      Thanks a lot