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    Compare list item properties in drools when condition

    Shekh Morshed Akther Newbie

      Dear all,


      I have inserted list of elements in StatefulKnowledgeSession. Now in When clause in drools .drl file I need to compare some propertiy values of different elements of the list.


      For example, I have a list of pets [ added in session as kbSession.insert(list) ]  where each pet has a name property (pet1.name = "adi", pet2.name="flix"). So what would be best for checking this items in when clause?


      Say in my test.drl file I have


      rule "pet items"

      dialect "java"



           list.get(0).name != list.get(1).name



           do something!



      Any suggesstion is greatly appreciated!



      Kind Regards,