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    Pond life needs BAM too

    Trevor Kirby Novice

      This started off as an irc chat about interfacing telemetery hardware to Switchyard and Gary suggested that you guys may have suggestions about the monitoring aspect.


      Basically I'm playing with Arduino and Rapsberry Pi's to monitor and  control my garden pond and stream. Later on the system will get extended to water the garden etc.

      The system is iinitially intended to

      1) measure pond temperature

      2) measure depth

      3) stop the pump if the temperature drops low enough

      4) top the pond up if it develops a leak


      I'm intending to feed the data into AS7 probably via Switchyard so I can add in processing that is not possible on the interface machines.

      I'd also like to monitor what is going on and flag up alarm conditions eg, pump clogging, rate of water level drop over a certain threshold etc.

      What I was thinking of was a dashboard with some graphing and some alarm notification. Has anyone got any suggestions for tools that I could use,

      ways to hook into AS7 switchyard etc?


      On a related note, a simulator of this sort of set up may make a useful demo as it's a fairly simple but typical telemetery use case.



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          Gary Brown Master

          Thanks for posting this Trevor - great title


          I agree this would be a great demo to have. I see this as:


          1) A switchyard app to manage the control logic (with suitable simulator to generate measures, react to control signals and periodically introduce 'problems')


          2) BAM infrastructure to:

          a) capture events based on the interactions between the services and record the metrics

          b) gadget server to present the metrics in a dashboard

          c) CEP rules to monitor the temporal conditions and raise alerts when necessary

          d) distribute alerts via JMX and/or gadget on the dashboard



          If you could provide the switchyard app (1), then Jeff Yu and I can work on the aspects in (2). Within the next couple of weeks we will be doing a milestone release which will have more functionality - the only thing that might be missing is a generic/configurable gadget for 2b, which is on the plan for the following milestone - but when Jeff returns from leave he may be able to create a specific gadget as an interim solution.


          This would actually be a good example to distribute with the next milestone - not sure how that would fit with your timescales/workload?