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    JBoss AS 7 and Hibernate Core 3.3 - deployment entity classes without specify in the persistence.xml

    Ayrat Nurtdinov Newbie

      Hy all!


      Yet, how deploy some enterprise apps without specifing entity classes in the persistence.xml?!


      I see https://github.com/jbossas/jboss-as/pull/219 and https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AS7-1583  (and even http://echelog.com/logs/browse/jboss-as7/1319493600 )


      but this bad approach On GF v3.0 and WLS 10.3.5 deploy own ear no problem.



      And we can't use hIbernate greater version, by some reasons ( JPA 1.0 & etc.)


      Any help my? May be scottmarlow?


      Or create new poll - 'Correct support hibernate 3.3 - (annotated deployment enitity classes)'