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    some troubles making an mobile web app

    Marcel Meyer Newbie

      I have faced some troubles making an mobile web app.



      The things are the following :


      1. I need to swipe left and right between views. While Swiping around I need to show, where the user is for now, like here http://android-developers.blogspot.de/2011/08/horizontal-view-swiping-with-viewpager.html
      2. I have big trouble with the sessions, it expires much too early and I have large form that needs to be filled out. The form is that big, that it needs multiple views and needs to keep the data, no matter if there is a dead zone or not.
      3. I’m searching for possibility to convert & validate user inputs to show in an overview, which parts of the form are ok acceptable or not ok.And that without too much traffic to the server. The only possibility for now is to make it while submitting the part of the form I won’t do it with every focus lost event using ajax.
      4. I need a possibility like the native payment in android for users
      5. I need the possibility to use the camera in the future to use QRCode to get the form automatically filled out. Without installing another plugin.


      I’m a Student making the bachelor completion.


      Best Regards