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    Should I stay with JBossCache for a while?

    Ron Albury Newbie

      I am starting a new application, and I understand that JBossCache is in maintenance mode and Infinispan is active and growing.


      But ...


      a) I am using nothing but a TreeCache.  I have read that JBossCache is much faster than the Infinispan TreeCache (have not yet run any tests myself), and performance is the whole reason behind my using a distributed cache.


      b) I am evidently very unlucky ... I keep running into documentation and implementation issues with Infinispan even when I'm doing simple things.  JBossCache has been around longer and seems to have most of those issues resolved.


      I am not trying to piss off any Infinispan people ... I'm just wondering, given my total reliance on TreeCache, if I should go with JBossCache and wait a release or two to migrate to Infinispan.