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    Recover from the crashed node

    Yan Wang Newbie

      I did this experiment:

      1. Set up 5 nodes with distribute mode.

      2. One node is to inject 10K pairs of key/value. The other nodes are to read.

      3. The number of owner is 4.

      4. Start reading nodes.

      5. After all reading nodes started, Start inject node to inject 10K key/value.

      6. All reading nodes now can get 10K values.

      7. Kill one of reading node.

      8. Now the rest reading node can ONLY get around 8000 values from cache.

      9. Start the killed node. This node can get ONLY around 1600 values from cache. The other reading nodes can get around 9600 values from the cache.


      Is it a right behavior? Or something is wrong? Seems there is a problem in node join/leave...


      Thanks a lot for any help!