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    RF4, nested rich:collapsiblePanel

    krzysztof.tomaszewski Newbie

      I have a screen having rich:collapsiblePanel controls nested in a rich:collapsiblePanel which itself is nested in another rich:collapsiblePanel. That structure is reflected in my control objects' structure. Each rich:collapsiblePanel has its "expanded" attribute taken from the controller (a boolean field) and "toggleListener" connected to proper method from the controller, which is responsible for changing the field used by "expanded" attribute. I'm using switchType=ajax for all collapsible-panels.


      The toggleListener handler works ok, the state of controller is updated and reflects how user expanded/collapsed each collapsiblePanel.


      PROBLEM: after an event causing refreshing the whole screen all the collapsible-panels expand despite backing fields for their "expanded" attributes are set to false.


      QUESTION: does anyone know a workaround for this?


      Notice: I've seen couple of issues on JIRA related to problems with rich:collapsiblePanel, especially [RF-11546]. But it's old and unresolved. Any idea to get it working?


      NOTE: this relates to RichFaces 4.2.2