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    Roger Mori Newbie

      Dear Sirs.
      I was trying to configure Jboss3.0.0.beta (Binary) and
      Oracle 8 using the forum recommendations changing standarjaws.xml, standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml and oracleds-service.xml but I am not able to do it.
      Please, I need your help.
      Thank you.
      Roger Mori.

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          Mika Kuusela Newbie


          You didn't specify, what kind of problems you are experiencing. Is the problem with the configuration of the datasource, usage of the configured datasource with EJBs, servlets or JSPs or what? Could you please be a bit more specific, so maybe I can help you, because I have a working configuration for Oracle9i.


          Mika Kuusela

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            Roger Mori Newbie

            Thanks a lot.
            Boss 3.00 beta doesn't send me error messages. I verified that de Jboss is logged into the oracle but my Ejb Entity bean that contains jaws.xml and jboss.xml (including datasource specification) insert record into hypersonic database rather than oracle. I don't what is wrong.
            I copied classes12.zip into lib/ext and oracleds-service.xml in /deploy and changed standdarjaws.xml to point to OracleDs but this configurations is no working.
            Please help me.
            Roger Mori.

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              David Jencks Master

              If you don't want to use hsqldb, remove the hsqldb-service.xml. Then you should get errors if your ds you want can't be found. You can look in jndiview to see what your ds is actually bound under, to put in standardjaws etc. You can also sidestep configuration problems by naming your Oracle ds DefaultDS.