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    Deploying sar and har inside of esb archive

      I am migrating an ESB application from JBoss ESB 4.5 on JBoss AS 4.2.2  to JBoss ESB 4.11 on JBoss AS 6.1.0.


      Under AS 4.2.2 / ESB 4.5 I could have an ESB archive like the following:





             |___ MyEJBs.jar         (EJB3 SSBs)

             |___ MyServices.sar    (Mbean services)

             |___ MyHibernate.har  (Native hibernate deployment)




      The EJBs, Mbeans and Hibernate deployment are all intended to be used within the context of the MyESB esb application only.


      This deployment structure worked under ESB 4.5.  It does not work under ESB 4.11.  Under 4.11 using the above structure the EJBs deploy successfully but the sar and har components do not.  There are no error messages but they do not deploy either.


      What do I need to do to get the sar and har components to deploy successfully inside of a esb archive on ESB 4.11?



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          Does anyone have any ideas?  Anyone?  I am blocked on a ESB 4.11 migration until I can find a resolution.


          I tried alternatively deploying the sar(s) and har at the root of the esb archive.  Same result.


          The only sub-deployment types I have been able to successfully deploy inside of an esb is war and jar.  Are any other sub-deployment types supported?  I have not found any reference to this in the ESB documentation.


          If I am missing something simple please point me in the right direction.



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            Update ...


            I was able to successfully deploy the Ejb, Sar and Har components as peers to the Esb archive.  Now the deployment structure looks like:



                   |___ my-esb.esb

                   |___ my-common.jar      (shared POJOs)

                   |___ my-ejb.jar         (EJB3 SSBs)

                   |___ my-service.sar     (Mbean services)

                   |___ my-hibernate.har         (Native hibernate deployment)




            Deployment dependencies I now have defined between my-esb.esb and various EJBs and Mbeans inside of my-ejb.jar and my-service.sar do get resolved at server startup.  Will I run into runtime classpath issues with this structure?  I have more testing to perform but hopefully this deployment structure will work.


            Any input from JBoss ESB team?



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              Sorry for the lack of replies - it sounds like the right solution to me given the issues with deployment inside the .esb.    I'm not sure what you're doing in your code, and .sar/.har deployment inside of an .esb on AS 6.1 isn't a common use case, so it is hard to know whether you will run into classpath issues.       If you do, post them here and we'll try to help in any way we can.