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    Issue with rich:tabPanel with server mode

    Dave seenam Newbie

      I have a rich faces tabPanel configured like this. I am using rich faces 4.2


      <rich:tabPanel activeItem="#{bean.activeTab" switchType="server" itemChangeListener="#{bean.changeTab}">


           <rich:tab name="tab1" header="tabname1" onheaderclick="showPleaseWait()">




           <rich:tab name="tab2" header="tabname2" onheaderclick="showPleaseWait()">






      now everything works correctly. however what i am noticing is that when I swtich tabs for a moment both tabs become inactive (both the tabs appear as not selected) and no content shows up under the tabs and then page refreshes as expected and the selected tab is active with its content correctly displayed. it is just that as soon as i select a tab, for a second, both tabs become inactive (almost like some client script is doing so) until the server response comes back.


      Has anyone else noticed this and how to get rid of this ?