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    How do I use AS7 to Get Claims for WS-Security/WS-Trust

    James Falek Newbie



      We are starting a project to integrate WS-Security into several existing web services.  We will be moving them from AS 4.3 to AS 7 running 1.7.


      The web services will need to validate the token dates and signature as well as well as pull out the associated claims.  The claims will be used to modifiy the results from the existing web services.  For this work,  we are stuck using Microsoft Self-STS as our primary STS mechanism.


      Regardless,  I am looking to find an example, a unit test, anything that would show me how to reteive the claims from the token in AS7?  And to get these examples working, would i need to add other JBoss/Apache modules?  Would this work with Java-SE-7 or would it need Java-EE6-with-Java 1.7?


      Thank you for any direction,