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    Invoke a method in a rule service

    Japheth Odonya Newbie

      How do you invoke a method on a rule service so that it fires the rules in gunor repository.


      I managed to do the configurations and provided changeset.xml, however I got mixed up on how to fire the method like the sample Interview.verify that is fired using switchyard test invoker, something like



          private Invoker verify;


      and then the method is fired like


      verify.sendInOnly(new Applicant("Thirteen Year Old", 13));



      this is in a test on the switchyard quickstarts that David Ward and Keith Babo have provide, how can I do a similar thing in another bean service, is there an invoker that I can use or is there some obvious thing that I am not getting, like rule service 101.


      Keith and David thanks, your quickstarts are really helpfull, they are really helping me catch up with this SY business.